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Rpm Nedir. I thought I read that the gpu fan doesnt turn off on the g75 but I see on HWinfo64 that it drops down to 0RPM periodically whenthe gpu isnt under any load. Rpm denizcilikte de kullanılıruskurun dönüş sayısını belirtir.

Algilama Sensorler Panosundaki Pin
Algilama Sensorler Panosundaki Pin

As I mentioned before RPM stands for results purpose massive action plan. It annotates the number of full rotations completed in one minute around a fixed axis. When there is a load on the GPU the fans run at a constat 3500rpm no sudden drops to 0.

Dakikadaki devir sayısı Revolutions Per Minute olarak bilinen RPM ifadesini bu yazımızda sizler için derledik.

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